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Truth Catches Up to my Fiction

In the truth-catches-up-with-fiction category, New Zealand based Martin Aircraft thinks one of the potential uses of a jetpack is search and rescue operations. This is the same basic concept I have for Rocket Angels. In an era (late 1930s) before helicopters it seems like a logical use of a rocket backpack in addition to fighting Nazis. Smile 

Jetpack powered search and rescue? Sounds like a great idea for a comic!


Interestingly enough, one of my main challenges with a rocket SAR team was figuring out how they would actually transport another person. It looks like Martin has settled on a rather typical lifting arrangement. Assuming their jetpack has useful payload beyond the pilot it makes sense that you'd use a stretcher type device. Unfortunately, I won't be featuring any rescue scenes in the first arc, but hope to fit a clue to how that would work in the current storyline. I was just curious to see how a real jetpack manufacturer envisioned this working.

Sunday, November 27, 2011 - 9:55 AM (Eastern Standard Time)

Articles categorized "Aviation"