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Boston Comic Con 2011

Straight to the point summary so you can get on with your busy life: "Improved space. Probably still a one-day pass event." My flickr photostream tells a small part of the story (mostly through snapshots my wife took).

My first comics convention ever was San Diego Comic Con 2008. It really is unlikely that my wife and I will forget our first con. There in also lies the problem. Where do you go from there if the biggest comics extravaganza in the world is your coming out party? I'll let you know when I find the answer to that. So far it hasn't been three Boston Comic Cons. Nor one Chicago Wizard's World, not the Maine Comics Art Festival, or even Boston Comic Roundtable's MICE (which I helped in and will try to help in again). This is hardly a representative sample of all things con, and I did have fun in some shape or form every place so far, but so far I'm having a hard time not seeing things through the lens of SDCC. The ticket this year for BCC was $36+change for the weekend (2 days) and $21+ for a single day. Last year a single day was $10. I came in expecting more.

The new space at Hynes Convention Center was much improved over the previous years. If you've ever been to past BCCs then you will know that it would have been difficult to do worse than the jagged cramped hotel basement style spaces of the past. This year looked like an actual con with ample room for vendors and artists alike. The BCR (Boston Comics Roundtable) table was no longer in some side room and traffic circulated well. No doubt part of the admission fee went to cover this luxury.

One totally perplexing thing was the lack of a guest floor plan for people to walk around with. Instead there were a few poster boards with a floor plan "strategically" located. When I asked about getting a map the staff person I questioned just countered by asking me what I was looking for. Was it really such an unbearable cost to have 1 piece of paper with a floor plan which had – oh I don't know – the convention program on the other side maybe?

BCC tried to give the superstars front and center traffic in the hallway leading to the show floor. Guys like Joe Kubert, Adam Hughes, Art Adams, J Scott Campbell. It makes some sense and the one thing that was great about this show as the ease of accessibility of these big name artists. There was still queuing but not nearly as much as I would have expected and seen in other con's. Certainly couldn't do that at SDCC. Score one for smaller local show. However, the unintended and bizarre side effect was that there was almost no traffic at times for these guys since everyone was in the main show floor unless you were there to get an autograph. While I was perusing Adam Hughes' sketchbooks I overheard his assistants(?) mention that this impacted their sales ability negatively. Tough call. It was a good set up for me as a fan, but I can see how less traffic would be an issue.

Which brings me to the unlikely focus of this year's BCC for me. The quest for autographs.

Monday, May 2, 2011 - 12:31 AM (Eastern Daylight Time)

Articles categorized "Conventions"