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How to Get Your Comics on the Web With the Most Amount of Work

DrDoom18Making good comics is way harder than making good software. I've tried for years to do both and am still way better at making software. So when my two "talents" collided head on last month I knew I was headed for interesting times. On the one hand I really need to get to drawing and writing my most recent comics project. On the other I had been putting off building a web presence for myself for years.

As a user experience and software professional I had strong opinions about how I wanted my site to work. I knew that there was real work involved (even if not particularly difficult work) should I forgo the traditional static pages, Wordpress, ComicPress, or Blogger route. As I logged hours fiddling with themes and even writing some Google Gadgets I realized those hours could have been invested into a blogging engine of my own design. One forever extensible and malleable to my demands. So one morning I finally launched Visual Studio 2010 and got to work.

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 9:03 AM (Eastern Standard Time)

Articles categorized "Sequential"